4/9/2013 Abilene, KS Hail Storm

The severe weather potential to me did not look very likely this morning so I decided to head from Salina, KS back to Kansas City, Missouri.

Leaving Salina around 3p or so I meandered my way east on I-70 and found myself documenting a severe warned Thunderstorm on the Interstates east of Abilene, Kansas. This storm produced a large amount of hail. The drivers on the Interstate 70 had pulled over to the side of the road to wait out the hail core of this storm. A few even stopped underneath the underpass which made it very difficult for other cars, including myself, get down the road. The ended up being covered in hail and when the rain moved in it apeared to have a snowy scene feel to it. Once I was able to turn around and start heading east again I came upon two vehicles on the side of the road, one being in the ditch with the back end of it smashed in. The police had yet to arrive on scene.