4/9/2013 Windthorst, TX Severe Storms B-Roll

New B-Roll footage of Lightning Supercell Large Hail South of Windthorst, TX on from Simon Brewer and Juson Drake.

Clip 01 POV driving under a Thunderstorm with lightning
Clip 02 POV shot of car driving towards the camera with lightning right in front of the camera
Clip 03 Driving towards a wind mill farm and lightning strikes right in front of the camera
Clip 04 Lightning
Clip 05 – 06 Lightning while driving
Clip 07 – 09 large hail falling
Clip 10 – 13 showing off the large hail that was collected after if fell with a ruler to show how large it is.
Clip 14 Holding hail up to a light to see through the hail
Clip 15 Checking out the large hail on the ground in the dark.
Clip 16 Holding large golf ball sized hail stones
Clip 17 Hail covering the roads after dark.