4/9/2013 Chase County, KS Severe Storm B-Roll

Severe storms erupted across parts of Kansas along a cold front that was dropping temperatures nearly 30 degrees in 5 minutes. Several severe storms fired along the front, including one in Chase County near Elmdale where this video package was shot.

Scene 1 – Very large ominous wall cloud on storm.

Scene 2 – Very ominous dark cloud, detached wall cloud.

Scene 3 – High winds blowing rain across field.

Scene 4, 5, 6, 7 – Various shots of heavy falling hail/rain in the heavy wind.

Scene 8 – POV out windshield of heavy winds and rain.

Scene 9 – Hail up to nickel-sized in hand.

Scene 10, 11 – Inflow clouds feeding severe storm.