3/5/2013 Carbondale, IL Heavy Snow Storm

A large winter storm across the center part of the country stretches from the Canadian border all the way into southern IL and across the Great Lakes.

Heavy snows fell for a few hours across extreme southern IL where up to 2-inches fell in less than 90-minutes.

Video package opens with establishing shots at the Carbondale welcome sign and city limits sign along US-51. Next series of shots include people around town in the snow, including a girl scraping her window, several people with umbrellas, all while navigating the very heavy falling snow. Next series of shots includes various traffic and vehicle shots with the heavy snow coming down. Next few shots of heavy snow with stop signs in the foreground and a layer of snow that had slid part way down the sign. Next series of shots taken from Southern Illinois Airport near Carbondale of the control tower and a plane in the snow. Last shot as a delivery truck drives away from the camera in the heavy snow.