3/5/2013 Twin Cities Winter Storm B-Roll

The winter storm continued this morning in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota with the area receiving around nine inches of snow before the storm subsided.

Clip 1 Tracking shot with snow plows coming towards the camera and pans to the right with the Minneapolis, MN skyline in the shot.

Clip 2 – 3 POV Drive by footage of a car in the ditch with crews recovering it.

Clip 4 POV footage of a Mini Van in the ditch

Clip 5 POV footage of a Mini Van in the ditch

Clip 6 POV footage of a car in the center cables

Clip 7 Car stalled on the side of the road.

Clip 8 Massive traffic jam in downtown Minneapolis, MN as the morning commute was more like the morning crawl.

Clip 9 Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis (landmark shot) as viewed from the Interstate 394 west bound bridge in downtown.

Clip 10 Car that drove straight off the road into the ditch.

Clip 11 Car stuck in a snow bank after sliding off the road while trying to exit interstate 35w. The driver was able to get the car out of the snow bank on his own.

Clip 12 Minneapolis International Airport control tower in the snow.

Clip 13 Clip of the departures board inside the airport of the canceled flights to Chicago.

Clip 14 – 16 Delta aircraft being deiced.

Clip 17 Car that crashed and snow plows gang plowing and moving towards the camera.

Clip 18 – 24 POV Shots of plows gang plowing highway 77 (Cedar Avenue) from Burnsville, MN through Bloomington and into Minneapolis, MN.

Clip 25 MNDot snow plows driving towards the camera and heading south on Cedar Avenue.