3/4/2013 Minnesota Winter Storm Travel Hazard

The central part of Minnesota is under a winter storm warning until Noon tomorrow as a powerful weather system is taking am on the area with several waves of heavy snow.

Footage shows the hazardous driving conditions along Interstate 94 late this morning as the first round of snow made the roads very hazardous to drive on.

Clip 01 Skyline Shot Of Minneapolis, MN

Following clips shot near Monticello, MN
Clip 02 POV Shot of road sign warning of slick conditions.

Clip 03 SUV spins out right in front of the camera.

Clip 04 SUV being pulled out of the ditch

Clip 05 – 09 POV shots on Interstate 94 of cars smashed and in the ditch

Clip 10 Driving in heavy snow.

Clip 11 Interstate 94 was shut down for a while as crews worked to clean up the wrecks northwest of Monticello, MN.

Clip 12 Car in the ditch north of Minneapolis, MN

Clip 13 Another Minneapolis clip by mistake

Clip 14 Driving in Heavy Snow

Clip 15 More cars in the ditch to the northwest of Minneapolis, MN on Interstate 94

Clip 16 Snow plow on Interstate 94 NW of the cities.

Clip 17 Car slides off the road right in front of the camera but manages to not go into the ditch.

Clip 18 – 22 Major wreck in Plymouth, MN on Interstate 494.  Driver survived with minor injuries.  

Clip 22 – End.  Footage from Minneapolis, MN International Airport.