10/22/2011 Stratford, OK Hail storm.

Thunderstorm hit southern OK today with large hail and high winds.

Shot 1 – Shows a view of a front yard and a house getting pummeled by golf ball size hail.

Shot 2 – Shows hail completely covering the ground, along with some small flooding occurring, and hail splashing inside the water.

Shot 3 – Shows a view from inside the vehicle while driving. You can hear the hail falling and hitting the vehicle and see the chunks of ice bouncing across the hood.

Shot 4 – Shows another angle of hail hitting the ground and covering it.

Shot 5 – Shows damage being done to a tree as hail continues to hit the ground

Shot 6 – Shows a view of some MASSIVE hail stones, many near tennis ball size, AFTER MELTING, gathered in a bucket.

Shot 7- Shows the view from a special HD Waterproof camera mounted on the hood. You can see the hail bouncing across the hood.

Shot 9 – Shows another view from the hood, with hail covering the ground even more!

Shot 9 – Shows a view from the dashcam as hail pounds the ground.

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