10/17/2011 Siesta Key Beach, FL pre tropical storm Rina

All eyes are to the Gulf along the SW Florida Coast to watch if a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Rina may pay a visit this week.

18 clips of HD video at #1 rated Siesta Key Beach showing people getting in last minute beach time as ominous skies offshore show rain is on the way shortly. Run-time 2:33.

Shot list:

1) Sign “Siesta Beach #1 Beach USA”. (Dr Beach rated #1 for 2011.)
2) Running boy scares birds to flight on beach with dark tropical rain cloud offshore in background.
3) Red Siesta Beach life guard tower with US flag in breeze and cloudy skies.
4) Life guard forecast on chalk board “Clouds & wind all day. Good chance of rain.”
5) Life guard doing his job. (Got ok to shoot him.)
6) Couple’s beach chairs.
7) Life guards rescue surf board. They expect to use it tomorrow and Wed.
8) Buff guy running on beach.
9) Guy sleeping on beach with hat on his face.
10) Green life guard tower with gulf behind.
11) Another low angle shot of red tower on beach with dark skies and gulf of mexico behind.
12) People doing beach Yoga.
13) couple walking along surf with condos across the water.
14) Beach goers.
15) Couple on blanket looking out at Gulf.
16) Beach rental flag sign blowing while life guard truck drives out to red tower.
17) Wide shot of beach and ominous skies over Gulf.
18) Wide shot of Siesta Beach pavilion building with “Siesta Beach” sign.

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