5/26/2010 Massive Colorado Hail Storm.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was out with the Twistex.org research team today for the storms in Colorado.

A massive hail storm hit east of Denver, CO today in Hudson and Wiggins Counties. Hail fell for over a half an hour in some area and piled up to almost a foot deep. Snow plows were out trying to clear the hail covered roads for motorists and emergency vehicles.

In the video which is over eight minutes long, it documents the large hail and the destruction to vehicles and vegetation as the hail smashed into motorists and ripped the leafs from the trees.

Additional footage shows hail falling in a lake and in a creek with water splashing from the large hail stones falling at terminal velocity from the severe thunderstorm.

The video includes a lot of various shots of the hail storm and aftermath of the hail storm including why it is not a good idea to block the underpasses by parking under them during a hail storm as emergency vehicles can not get through.

To license this footage for broadcast use, contact http://www.bnvn.com

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