05/24/2010 Bison, SD Wedge Tornado & Destroyed School House.

This is the full report of the May 24, 2010 tornado outbreak in the Dakotas by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach with HD footage of the storm chase in western South Dakota that ended in North Dakota.

This video starts out with a large wedge tornado along SD highway 73, just to the southeast of Bison, South Dakota as it moved north/northwest.

Video package opens with a handheld shot of the large wedge tornado looking to the southeast. Next shot is a handheld wide shot of the entire rotating meso-cyclone.

Following shots include steady dash-mount shots during the tornado’s life cycle. Tornado transitions into a stout cone as it crosses SD-73 southeast of Bison. Last shot of rope out looking west.

The next clip shows a rope tornado in Adams County, North Dakota about 10 miles north of the SD/ND border and just west of ND-49. Video is the RAW video as the white skinny tornado touches down and dissipates.

The remaining footage includes video of the damage to a remote school house at the southeast corner of the junction of SD-73/SD-20.

School name is unknown as there were no signs. Nobody was in the school at the time the tornado hit. This damage was caused by the Bison, SD tornado at the start of this video. There is various shots of the inside and outside of the damaged school. Roof was displaced nearly 100 yards to the northwest of the school in the middle of a field.