Red Tide Kills Sharks and Countless Fish, Sarasota FL – 8/17/2018

Red tide continues to kill bull sharks and many other fish in Sarasota Bay at the Sarasota Manatee County border in SW Florida. Also, includes in over and underwater shots showing red tide infested bay water.
Shot Description

1-6) Six varied shots of dead bull sharks floating at marina on Sarasota Bay.
7) Low angle of hundreds of dead mullet floating near docks.
8) Over/under water shot showing red tide algae in water and dead mullet at docks.
9) Low angle traveling shot over dead mullet spanning over water at docks.
10) Over/under water shot near dead bull shark showing nasty red tide infested water.
11) closer shot of dead mullet fish.
12) Tilt up of dead fish revealing boats at docks on bay waters.
13) Medium Pan over dead fish.
14) Lock shot of scene of dead fish at docks.
15) Close pan over dead fish.

SID: Subsurface Media

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