Sharks & Thousands of Fish Dead As Florida Red Tide Ecological Disaster Worsens

HD video showing a massive severe fish kill at a marina with dead bull sharks floating in water. Severe red-tide event. Location is a marina on Sarasota Bay in Manatee County just north of Sarasota-Manatee County line. Graphic video.
Shot Description

1,2,3) Three tilting shots revealing a solid cover of dead fish spanning dock to dock at Sara Bay marina on Sarasota Bay.
4,5) Two shots of a dead bull shark floating upside down at marina.
6) Pectoral shark fin of another dead shark floating.
7) Another shot of dead bull shark.
8) Widh shot of Sun setting with thousands of dead fishing going out with the ebbing tide.
9,10,11,12) Four shots of thousands of dead fish among boats on Sarasota Bay.
13,14,15) Close shots of dead fish at docks.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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