Flash Flooding – Saint Cloud, MN – 8/19/2018

Heavy rains during the overnight hours with training storms over the same area caused street flooding in Saint Cloud, MN.

Shot Description

Clip 1 POV driving in heavy rain when the street becomes flooded with about a foot of water.

Clip 2 Ambulance racing to a accident scene and plows through the deep water at high speed.

Clip 3 Car stopped in deep water.

Clip 4 – 5 Cars in deep water at 25th and Highway 23.

Clip 6 – 8 Several cars flooded at 33rd and Veterans.

Clip 9 Police SUV blocking the flooded road as someone is pushing their flooded vehicle out of the way.

Clip 10 Car stuck in the flood.

Clip 11 Lots of water pouring out of a storm drain on the side of a building.

Clip 12 Car stuck in the flood.

Clip 13 Tow truck in the flooded water trying to clear vehicles.

Clip 14- 15 Tow truck hooking up a flooded vehicle.

Clip 16 Flooded out road

Clip 17 – 19 Heavy rain blow a man hole cover off and city crews were there to put the cover back on before anyone drove over it.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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