Southern Wisconsin Tornado And Severe Weather Scenes

Severe weathe worked across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconin during the afternoon of Monday, March 4, 2024, as warm moist air ahead of a cold front set the stage for severe thunderstorm warnings and a handful of tornado reports. The following video was captured across north-central Illinois into southern Wisconsin between 3-6 PM. The video shows one of just a handful of tornadoes reported today and includes a video of hail, vibrant lightning, and two timelapses.
Shot Description

00:00 Video of a plane taking off from the Milwaukee Airport as a large bolt of lightning strikes just behind the plane.

00:11 Various clips and angles of a tornado on the ground near Delevan, Wisconsin.

02:03 Video of hail falling at a gas station with lightning flashing in the background near Delevan, Wisconsin.

02:20 Video of the ground covered in hail as heavy rain falls and lightning flashes in the background.

03:14 Very vibrant cloud-to-ground lightning bolt as heavy rain falls in southern Wisconsin.

03:25 Heavy rain resulted in ponding on area roadways. Here is a clip of a car braking as it drives through some of that standing water.

03:32 Video of tornado sirens going off in the City of Beloit, Wisconsin as the first tornado warning for Wisconisn was issued.

03:49 Video of an emergency vehicle driving in the airport with lights flashing as heavy rain falls and lightning flashes.

03:56 Another angle of the plane taking off and almost being struck by lightning at the Milwaukee Regional Airport.

04:19 Timelapse of line of storms working toward the camera at a Pilot Gas Station in southern Wisconsin as lightning flashes in the background.

04:29 Video of a tornado warned supercell working toward the camera in an open field with a developing wall cloud underneath it.

04:43 Another angle of the tornado warned supercell working toward the camera from an open field.

04:52 Closer timelapse of a tornado warned supercell near Delevan, Wisconsin, that would later produce a brief tornado.

05:06 Timelapse of a tornado warned supercell rapidly developing and becoming more organized.

05:38 Another timelapse angle of the rapidly developing tornado warned supercell. As the video slowly pans out, you can see the overall spin of the large storm in the video as it works toward the camera.

SID: Charlie Bourdo Collin Ziegler
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