Extensive Tornado Damage – Cottonwood, AL 1/9/2024

Devastating Tornado Damage in Cottonwood, AL captured by drone.
Shot Description

00:00 Tornado damages Cottonwood, AL leaving the Cottonwood Fire Departments American Flag shredded
00:07 Residence completely destroyed from tornado by ripping its roof off
00:15 Commercial brick building missing its front wall caused by the tornado
00:23 Metal and debris piled near a destroyed home from tornado in Cottonwood, AL
00:36 House in the middle of Cottonwood, AL missing its roof from the tornado
00:44 Power lines and power poles scattered across roadway in Cottonwood, AL
00:54 Tornado damages church destroying the the steeple and roof
01:00 (3 Clips) Brick building destroyed from dangerous tornado
01:23 Home in Cottonwood, AL destroyed from strong tornado
01:29 Outbuilding scattered from tornado
01:34 Large tree collapses on mobile home from tornado
01:39 Commercial site destroyed from tornado

SID: Michael Gordon
#tornado #tornadodamage #weather #alwx

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