Lake Effect Winter Storm Drops Heavy Snow On Hamburg, NY

Over a foot of snow has fallen, with near whiteout conditions, and 2 inch per hour snowfall rates under intense lake effect snow band causes Rush Hour traffic nightmare in Hamburg, NY. Multivehicle ‘Pile Up’ and various snow-related accidents, pedestrians walking in heavy snow, and low visibility.

All footage shot on November 27, 2023 in/near Hamburg, NY by Meteorologist and Storm Chaser Simon Brewer
Shot Description

00:00 pile up of vehicles on snow-covered highway with police assistance in Hamburg, NY

00:23 vehicle smashed into utility pole

00:45 vehicle straddling guard rail after sliding off slick highway

00:59 multiple vehicle accidents with police assistance on snow-covered highways

01:54 traffic in very heavy falling snow in Hamburg, NY

02:22 pedestrians walking through heavy falling snow

03:04 snowplow clears deep snow in parking lot

03:31 electronic highway with “Lake Effect Snow Warning”

03:52 heavy snow and high winds

04:10 very heavy snow over highway

SID: Simon Brewer
#NYWX #weather #lakeeffect #lakeeffectsnow #winterstorm

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