Tropical Storm Hilary Flash Flooding, Indio, CA – 8/20/2023

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The remnants of Hurricane Hilary directly impacted Southern California on August 20, 2023, bringing significant flash flooding and tropical storm conditions to places like Indio and Cathedral City. Many roads were completely inundated, and sustained winds of 40-50 mph with even stronger gusts occurred across the region.
Shot Description

1-10. Various shots of vehicles trying to drive through deep flash flooding across roadways in Indio, CA.
11-12. Shots of drivers trying to drive through flash flooding moving across Interstate 10 north of Cathedral City, CA.
13-16. Shots of a normally dry wash full with a strong current of floodwaters in Rancho Mirage, CA.
17. Floodwaters flowing into a roadside ditch off of Interstate 10 north of Cathedral City.
18-20. Various shots of tropical storm conditions, including strong wind gusts and a stop sign blowing in the wind near Cathedral City.
21-24. Various shots of safety measures across the area, including road signs showing warnings and law enforcement roadblocks.
25. Crews attempting to tow a broken down vehicle in Rancho Mirage.

SID: Trey Greenwood
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