Yuma Colorado, Tornadoes Right In Front Of the Camera – 8/8/2023

Raw feed of the extremely vivid high contrast tornado from Yuma Colorado that comes up to within 100 yards (about 100 meters) from the videographer
Shot Description

Raw footage.

00:00 – Large dusty tornado off in the distance.
01:00 – Tornado over an open field as a second funnel cloud develops and wraps around the cloud base.
02:00 – Funnel Cloud and Tornado dances in field before lifting up with second funnel hanging down.
03:18 – New tornado forms out of thin air.
04:24 – The second tornado gets huge.
06:00 – Tornado right next to the camera in the field less then a half mile away.

SID: Nathan Moore
#tornado #colorado #yuma #cowx #twintornado

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