Lightning fills the sky over Miami International while aircraft are landing

Real time and time-lapse footage of a thunderstorm growing and maturing near the Miami International Airport. Great footage of the clouds forming and lightning filling the sky as aircraft where taking off and landing.

Filmed with our remote camera network, audio from Airport ATIS.
Shot Description

00:00 – Control tower with orange sunset and thunderstorm brewing.
00:09 – Wide shot of the control tower and thunderstorm with lightning.
00:18 – Lightning strikes and cloud to cloud lightning.
00:27 – Time Lapse of clouds growing behind the airport.
00:37 – Lightning strikes and cloud to cloud lightning.
00:50 – Tight shot of the aircraft on the ground at the airport.
01:03 – Lightning strikes as an airplane is landing in front of the cloud and cloud to cloud lightning.
01:17 – Various shots of the Lightning and clouds and aircraft for the rest of the video.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#FLWX #miami #Lightning #weather

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