Scary Looking Clouds Over Stearns County, MN – 7/13/2023

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Footage shot around Stearns County, MN of the severe storm and possible funnel cloud.
Shot Description

00:00 – Side shot of a lowering / possible funnel cloud just south of Saint Cloud, MN while driving.
00:30 – Driving towards the core of the storm on Interstate 94. Roof came and dash cam.
01:06 – Lowering and RFD Cut under the storm just west of Saint Cloud.
01:34 – Another storm west of Saint Cloud with a large rain foot and hail core.
01:50 – Dash Camera footage of lightning in Rockville, MN (just west of St Cloud).
02:02 – Time and temp sign flashing an error with the storm clouds and setting sun in the background. The temp is displayed as 191° F.
02:11 – After the storm, setting sun with mammatus clouds.

SID: Doug Kiesling
#MNWX #severestorms #severethunderstorms #weather

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