West Chicago Metro Twin Tornadoes On The Ground – 7/12/23

Two tornadoes captured simultaneously in Saint Charles, Illinois and a single large tornado was captured in Elgin, Illinois between 6:10 PM and 6:44 PM in Kane County. An Enhanced Risk of tornadoes was issued by the Storm Prediction Center as atmospheric conditions came together at the last minute to produce several tornadoes in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
Shot Description

Shot 1 – Two tornadoes occurring at the same time documented from Saint Charles, Illinois

Shot 2 – One large tornado documented from Elgin, Illinois

Shot 3 – Rapid cloud motion/swirling documented from Elgin, Illinois

Shot 4 – Wall cloud feature documented from Hampshire, Illinois

Shot 5 – Driving underneath a rotating wall cloud/developing tornado in Hampshire, Illinois

SID: Jesse Walters
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