Extremely Dense Smoke And Haze Chokes The Kalamazoo Michigan Air

Intense wildfire smoke haze rotating around an area of low pressure to the east in Ontario, Canada moved into the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the Western Great Lakes on Tuesday leading to extremely poor air quality throughout the region. Some of the worst air quality was situated between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids on the west side of the state. These scenes were recorded in the mid-afternoon hours of Tuesday in and around Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan.

Ambient natural sound is included due to audio issues on the original video files.
Shot Description

00-0:30: W/M/T shots of Kalamazoo, Michigan skyline, view east with PM smoke haze.
0:31-1:30: W/M/T shots from downtown Kalamazoo of smoke, people walking, cars passing.
1:31-2:21: W/M/T shots from Portage, Michigan of traffic, people on bikes, intense smoke haze.
2:22-2:53: W/M/T shots from Kalamazoo County, Michigan of smoke haze in countryside.

SID: Blake Naftel
Time and Date of Video: 6/27 Afternoon
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