Extreme Hail & Flash Flooding Traps Motorists In Colorado Springs, CO

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Severe thunderstorms drop a massive amount of large hail that contributed to street flooding across Colorado Springs, Colo., on June 21, 2023.
Shot Description

00:00 – Wide shot of a deeply flooded street filled with water and floating hail next to drainage canal.

00:09 – Tight shot of car abandoned in deep water and buried in hail.

00:18 – Onlookers peer over edge of curb to get a glimpse of the flooding and crazy hail.

00:42 – Woman walks through water, camera pans and zooms on flooded car.

01:04 – Wide shot of emergency vehicles on edge of floodwaters and massive piles of hail.

01:14 – Mid shot, ground level, emergency vehicle on edge of floodwater and massive piles of hail.

01:21 – Pan up and reveal of massive amounts of hail, and emergency vehicles.

01:36 – Left to right pan showing overview of massive amounts of hail and rushing water.

01:57 – Mid shot of massive piles of hail against trees and fences.

02:04 – Wide shot of homes surrounded by massive piles of hail and running water.

SID: Trevor Cokley
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