Funnel Cloud / Water Spout Near Seven Mile Bridge, Pigeon Key, Florida

A funnel cloud forms in a convective cloud line along Seven Mile Bridge at Pigeon Key near Marathon Florida. Heavy rain downpours and vivid storm clouds in the Middle Florida Keys. No audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Funnel cloud over old Seven Mile Bridge just south of Pigeon Key FL.
00:46 High contrast rain shaft behind old Seven Mile Bridge north of Pigeon Key FL.
01:31 Cloud line running down Seven Mile Bridge south of Pigeon Key FL.
01:48 Heavy rains begins at Pigeon Key FL.
01:57 Heavy rain over main span of Seven Mile Bridge with traffic.
02:14 Traffic over Seven Mile Bridge with palm trees at Pigeon Key FL.
02:25 Towering cumulonimbus offshore at dusk.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#florida #flwx #floridakeys #waterspout #tornado #weather

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