Fort Myers Beach, Florida Start Of 2023 Hurricane Season Hurricane Ian

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Rebuilding after Category 4 Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers Beach, FL at the start of the 2023 Hurricane Season
Shot Description

00:00 Memorial on the beach front of Ft Myers Beach Florida
00:07 Destroyed homes and car in pile of debris after Hurricane Ian
00:16 Excavators piling up debris left from Hurricane Ian on the beach in Ft Myers Beach
00:26 Beach front building destroyed on stilts with a Heart Strong spray painted on wall
00:33 Beach front concrete just completely destroyed
00:41 Home completely swept off foundation from extreme storm surge in Ft Myers Beach FL
00:47 Business barely standing with walls collapsed along beach front
00:55 Ft Myers Beach Pier destroyed with only the concrete piers still standing
01:03 Business completely destroyed
01:10 Collapsed walls on a business from Hurricane Ian
01:18 Ft Myers Beach Florida looking out at the Pier
01:26 Massive pile of debris and destroyed businesses
01:34 Destroyed building with chain link fence around the perimeter
01:41 Looking inside a destroyed business on the beach front of Ft Myers Beach
01:48 Tall structure being repaired from the high winds and storm surge that swept through Ft Myers Beach FL
01:56 Crews still rebuilding Ft Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian
02:04 Front views of businesses that were damaged during Ian
02:11 View looking into a business barely standing with no front wall from massive storm surge
02:19 Beach Front business with heavy damage along the main street
02:27 Collapsed walkways and piles of concrete from Hurricane Ian
02:34 Fishing Boats standing up right again after Hurricane Ian in 2022
02:42 Multiple homes destroyed from the massive storm surge on the island
02:50 Boat on the side of the road still after Hurricane Ian
02:57 Beach front business damaged and unoccupied along beach boulevard

SID: Michael Gordon
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