Airplanes in Thunderstorm And Lightning at Miami International Airport

Video of airplanes flying, taking off and landing in heavy thunderstorms, rain and lightning at Miami International Airport (KMIA.) Multiple CG lightning strikes in frame with flying aircraft. Planes backed up for take-off on ground stop. Remote camera video. No audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Plane on final approach to land with cumulonimbus clouds in background at Miami International Airport.
00:14 Two shots on aircraft waiting to take-off.
00:44 Wide shot of nine aircraft waiting to take off with storm clouds in background.
00:52 Southwest Airlines plane lands.
01:03 Two shots of planes taking off with lowering or possible funnel cloud in background.
01:31 Plane landing with two cloud to ground (CG) lightning strikes behind it.
01:49 Plane taking off and another plane landing as rain move in reducing visibility.
02:27 Plane in distance after taking off among storm clouds.
02:35 Plane lands with lightning flash.
02:49 CG lightning strike behind runway just after plane lands.
03:10 Lightning flashes in clouds behind airport.
03:14 Plane landing as lightning flashes.
03:30 Eleven aircraft backed up on ground stop waiting to take off.
03:39 Ominous clouds behind airport.
03:47 CG lightning behind American Airlines hangar.
03:55 Lightning flash
03:59 Plane lands as lighting flashes behind AA hangar.
04:08 Plane lands with lightning flash.
04:24 Heavy rain moves over airport as airplane lands.
04:41 Tighter shot of control tower with three American Airlines planes waiting to take off.
04:49 Three shots of aircraft waiting to take off in rain.
05:17 Lighting flash illuminates orange and purple sky behind airport.
05:21 American Airlines hangar in rain.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#MIA #miami #weather #tornado #stormchasing

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