Drone Survey Two Months After Rolling Fork, MS Tornado – Empty Lots

Drone Footage Two Months after Deadly Tornado Ravages Rolling Fork, Mississippi

Shot Description

00:00 Flying over the Rolling Fork water tower with homes gone from their foundations and tarps covering homes
00:05 Overhead view in the center of Rolling Fork, MS showing only foundations of homes that were once there
00:21 Still shot looking North East showing the damage path from the deadly tornado
00:30 Flyby scene showing a building completely demolished with brick door way left standing with the collapsed Rolling Fork water tower in the background
00:44 Homes removed and cleaned up from their foundations and tarps covering what is left of some homes that were destroyed
00:58 Overhead scene showing piles of cleaned up debris still left to be picked up with foundations of homes showing
01:14 Tornado Path rising above Rolling Fork, MS from the South West corner of the town where the tornado began destroying everything in its path
01:27 Panning shot showing what is left after two months of cleanup after the deadly EF-4 Tornado
01:41 Center of the town of Rolling Fork, MS with businesses demolished and roads barricaded
01:55 Contractors working on replacing a roof on a home that was destroyed by the tornado
02:17 Still shot showing debris still scattered and in piles of what is left two months after the destructive tornado
02:24 Scene looking south west through the town of Rolling Fork
02:32 Flying low over debris scattered and cleaned up foundations swept clean from the massive Tornado in Rolling Fork, MS
02:44 Rolling Fork residents digging through the dirt and looking for anything left from the Tornado
02:56 Overhead view showing nothing left from the Tornado but foundations that were swept clean from Tornado
03:39 Still scene looking south west showing the devastating path the Tornado made through Rolling Fork, MS
03:47 Still scene looking north east of what is left after the Rolling Fork Tornado destroyed the town
03:56 Low flyover of the north east part of Rolling Fork showing debris scattered and in piles with foundation swept clean
04:42 Vehicle Boneyard of vehicles that were demolished and totaled from the monster Rolling Fork Tornado
04:51 Flyover moving south west of the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi
05:32 Still scene looking over the demolished Rolling Fork Water Tower
05:40 Scene showing only foundations left with a few piles of debris
05:54 Complete flight flying over Rolling Fork, MS showing the complete path and what is left of the city.

SID: Michael Gordon
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