Aftermath Footage Of The Deadly Cole Oklahoma Tornado

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Video of the aftermath from the Cole, Oklahoma tornado that occurred on April 19, 2023. The tornado was rated an EF-3 tornado with winds of 165 mph. Authorities confirm this tornado killed two people in McClain County.
Shot Description

00:00 A clip driving by uprooted and mangled trees, and twisted sheet metal.

00:11 A clip driving by a flattened farm building with a dented grain silo in the background.

00:23 A clip driving by a brick home missing almost the entire roof with significant structural damage and power poles laying on the ground.

00:31 Panning video of debris littering the ground around a fence with major damage to large trees in the background and a home missing the roof and showing significant damage to the second story.

00:47 Closer panning video shows in better detail the home with significant damage including a missing roof. An American Flag with “Just Gonna Send It” in the front of it sits on the front fence that is also partially damaged.

01:02 Panning video showing a destroyed barn and heavily damaged large trees in the background.

01:08 Video driving by a significantly damaged hay barn with almost all the walls collapsed.

01:16 Video driving by power company crews repairing the power lines that were taken down by the tornado and the power poles that were snapped.

01:22 Video of a home with roof damage that has tarps covering the roof and significant tree damage surrounding the home.

01:28 Pannig video showing major tree damage in the back of the field from the tornado that came through the area and then a closer look at the barn that was almost completely destroyed by the storm.

SID: Edgar ONeal
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