Cole Oklahoma Tornado from a safe distance – 4/19/2023

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A large wedge tornado develops and tracks over the small town of Cole, Oklahoma on the evening of April 19, 2023. Cole, Oklahoma is located about 10 minutes southeast of Blanchard, Oklahoma, and about a half hour south-southwest of Norman, Oklahoma. The following video is captured from just outside of Washington, Oklahoma of the large tornado, the strong inflow winds picking up dust into the system, and the lightning that was occurring around the storm.
Shot Description

00:00-00:37 Video of the Cole, Oklahoma tornado as it gradually becomes more organized and begins to wedge out as it tracks towards the small town of Cole, Oklahoma.

00:37-01:05 Video of the strong inflow winds picking up dust and dirt and sucking into the strong storm/tornado.

01:05-01:22 Video of the storm/tornado as lighting flashes around it including a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt at the end of the video.

SID: Chris Masters Alexis Nelson
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