Rapid Snow Melting Bring Rapid Flooding On The Mississippi River

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The Mississippi River and it’s tributaries are overfilling their banks and flooding roads, business’s and back yards in Stearns County, Minnesota.

Footage from three different locations, Sartell, MN, Waite Park, MN and Richmond, MN where the Sauk and Watab Rivers feed into the Mississippi River and creating a major flooding event that is all moving down stream in the coming days.

Footage is a mixture of drone and ground clips.

Shot Description

00:00 – Footage of the Mississippi River in Sartell, MN where the Watab River meet down stream of the hydroelectric dam. Great shots of the dam and the high water where all the gates are wide open to let the water pass down stream.

01:31 – Down stream from the damn where the Watab River flows into the Mississippi you can see the high rate of flow and the bridge the goes over the Watab has water already hitting the base of the bridge.

02:05 – Further down stream on the Mississippi River, drone video of the flooding in backyards that are on the river and water is moving closer to the homes and overtaking back yards.

03:24 – Footage from the Chain Of Lakes in Richmond, MN where rising water from the Sauk River has helped the lakes spill over their banks and flood Highway 22. The highway is closed but some motorist decided to ignore the road closed signs and still risk it. This is a mix of drone and ground shot clips.

05:39 – Further down stream on the Sauk River in Waite Park, MN, flooding around a home and local restaurant, “Anton’s” as the Sauk River has spilled over it’s banks and flooded the first floor and the parking lot.

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