Thunderstorm Brings High Winds And Lightning To Key West, Florida

A line of heavy thunderstorms erupts offshore Key West Florida overnight prompting special marine warnings by the National Weather Service. Intense thunderstorm hits Key West with vivid lightning, high winds and heavy rain. No audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Four clips of cloud to water lightning offshore Mallory Square in Key West Florida.
00:18 Three clips of lightning over downtown Key West illuminating shelf cloud.
00:40 High winds at Mallory Square shaking palm trees.
00:55 High winds blasting flags at Mallory Square.
01:12 Tower with flag in high winds and lightning.
01:21 Flags at Mallory Square blasted by wind driven rain.
01:29 Palm trees blasted by high wind with lightning flash.
01:37 Sunset Key across Key West channel with vivid lightning and very rough seas.
02:13 Numerous clips of vivid CG and crawler lightning over downtown Key West.
03:30 Lightning illuminates boats at Key West Harbor Marina.
03:38 Vivid crawler lightning over downtown Key West.
03:44 Intense long duration lightning strike at Key West Harbor with sailboats and Navy ship.
03:54 Key West fire truck at Mallory Square.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#Florida #KeyWest #Lightning #StormChaing
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