Massive Sargassum Seaweed Invasion IN The Florida Keys Covers Beaches

Massive sargassum seaweed bloom reaches the Florida Keys. The 5000 mile wide belt of floating sargassum seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean has drifted ashore in the middle Florida Keys. Video shows seaweed coming ashore and piling up at Cocoplum Beach on Easter Sunday in Marathon Florida. No audio.
Shot Description

1-5) Five varied shots of the massive sargassum seaweed band coming ashore at Cocoplum Beach in Marathon Florida.
6-11) Six varied shots of sargassum seaweed band floating just offshore.
12) Boat with two men boating to edge of seaweed band to observe it.
13-15) Three varied shots of sargassum seaweed condensing near jetty ruins.
16) Wide shot of Cocoplum Beach at Marathon Florida and Atlantic Ocean.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
#Florida #Sargassum #Seaweed #Beaches

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