Blizzard Closes Interstate 80 and Interstate 25 in Cheyenne, WY

April Blizzard conditions closed I-80 west and I-25 north of Cheyenne, WY overnight.

Shot Description

1. Snowplow clears I-25 northbound in Wyoming
2. Info road sign for I-25 Interstate Closure -Return to Cheyenne-
3. Flashing lights for Closed I-80 West
4. Closure Signs for I-80 West
5. I-80 Closed
6. Police enforce I-80 Westbound ramp
7. Road info sign
8. Cheyenne, WY town sign
9. Front end loader trying to free car
10. Car stuck in Cheyenne, WY
11. Gang of Snow blowers
12. 4-wheeler snow plow
13. Snow blower
14. Old Steam Train in Snow
15. Bank temperature sign of 20 degrees
16. Road to I-25 north of Cheyenne
17. Traffic on I-25

SID: Terrence Cook
#blizzard #wyoming #winterstorm #roadclosed

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