Wynne, Arkansas Devastating Drone Tornado Damage Survey At First Light

First Light Drone reveals devastating damage cause by massive Tornado across Wynne, AR.

Shot Description

00:00 Above the Wynne water tower overlooking the insane damage caused by the tornado
00:10 Low flyover over homes in the middle of Wynne shows catastrophic damage
00:58 Low pass over a completely collapsed home in a large debris pile
01:07 Fly over multiple homes in Wynne that are completely destroyed by the tornado
01:41 Mobile Home completely obliterated
01:50 Church completely destroyed with a flipped over van in the back
02:01 Home completely flattened with a vehicle destroyed
02:09 Utility crews still working to find the natural gas shutoff inside the building that is destroyed
02:17 Newer home completely ripped off the foundation
02:24 Large home with the roof ripped off
02:30 Flying through the center of town showing the damage caused by the tornado
02:44 (2 Clips) Homes completely gone from tornado in Wynne, Arkansas
03:12 (2 Clips) Monster Church in Wynne destroyed from large tornado ripping the steeple off the top
03:31 (6 Clips) Showing massive devastation to homes in the Wynne area
04:30 (2 Clips) Flying over homes low that are completely destroyed
05:19 Zoom in scene showing the home swept off the foundation
05:26 Debris tangled way up in trees with destroyed homes in background
05:39 New Large home with the garage collapsed on car
05:47 Flyover scene of a full block of destroyed homes in the center of Wynne, AR
06:00 New home with second story destroyed
06:08 Mobile home completely flattened
06:13 (4 Clips) Large homes destroyed on the outskirts of town with insane tree damage
07:04 (7 Clips) of the devastating damage at Wynne High School collapsing the roof of the gym and ripping the football turf off the field

SID: Michael Gordon
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