Stearns County, MN Extremely Icy Road Nightmare For Morning Commute – 3/17/2023

The luck of the Irish was not in the cards for drivers in Minnesota this morning. After the extremely heavy wet snowfall yesterday, the temps dropped from the low 30°F to 4°F overnight causing the wet roads to flash freeze for extremely icy and slippery roads this morning. Add in the winds gusting up over 30 mph with blowing and drifting snow, the roads where a complete mess before noon with dozens of accidents, Jack Knifed Semi Trucks and crash / spin outs into the ditches around the St. Cloud metro area.

Footage shot on the south side of the Saint Cloud metro along Highway 23, Highway 15 and Interstate 94.
Shot Description

00:00 – Crash scene with drone footage and ground footage on Highway 15 south of Saint Cloud, MN.
00:57 – Another crash scene south of the first crash scene on Highway 15. The high winds and blowing and drifting snow made for extremely hazardous driving.
01:29 – Two different vehicles crashed on Highway 15 just south of Interstate 94.
01:51 – Several crash scenes on Highway 23, southwest of Interstate 94. Several vehicles in the ditches.
03:18 – Box Truck off the road in the ditch on Interstate 94
03:49 – POV shots of snow plow on Highway 23.
04:10 – Pickup truck stuck in the center ditch on Highway 23.
04:30 – Semi Truck Jack Knifed and being recovered, POV shot on Highway 23.
05:15 – Blowing and drifting snow over Highway 15 and Interstate 94.
05:35 – Car stuck in the middle of Highway 23 just south of Interstate 94.

SID: Doug Kiesling
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