Southeastern Minnesota Winter Scenes – 3/11/2023

Collection of videos from southeast Minnesota showing the winter scenes between La Crosse, Wisconsin to the southern Twin Cities of Minnesota. Snow had fallen throughout the region throughout the day leading to slick conditions that evening and at times limited visibility at times.

00:00-00:15 Three shots of a car that lost control and crashed into a snow bank in Winona, Minnesota, from slick conditions from falling snow most of the day. The shots are close, medium, and wide of the car with the squad cars behind it with lights on.

00:15-00:20 A clip of an ambulance driving by with lights and sirens on as snow is falling in Winona, Minnesota.

00:20-00:24 Video of moderate to heavy snow falling at Mathy Tract-Mississippi Valley Conservancy in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

00:24-00:42 Several clips of a MnDOT plow plowing the road after moderate to at times heavy snow was falling throughout the day near Winona, Minnesota. The shots are close, medium, and wide shots.

00:42-01:00 Two videos passing a MnDOT snow plow clearing the roadways and spreading salt.

01:00-01:04 MnDOT plow clearing snow off County Road 46 in Dakota County in Rural Rosemount, Minnesota.

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