Coldwater, MI Winter Storm Spinouts And Crashes – 3/3/2023

Multiple accidents from dangerous driving conditions associated with a very heavy early spring winter storm over southern Michigan.

All footage shot in/near Coldwater, MI during evening darkness on March 3, 2023 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

00:00 SUV in snowy ditch

00:10 truck and SUV in deep snow off I-69 near Coldwater, MI

00:19 SUV accident in median on Interstate 69

00:25 tractor trailer stuck in ditch after sliding off snow-covered highway

00:40 SUV in ditch after sliding off snowy I-69

00:55 driving shot of neighborhood covered in deep snow

01:13 neighborhood street buried in deep snow

01:20 high winds blow heavy falling snow

01:33 vehicles covered in heavy wet snow

01:41 heavy falling snow in street lights

01:52 snow plows on I-69 clearing highway

02:16 traffic on snow-covered I-69 with heavy snow falling

SID: Simon Brewer
#miwx #winterstorm #snowstorm #spinouts #crash
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