Thin Ice Truck Recovery from 40 feet of water, Bayfield County, WI – 3/3/2023

Earlier in February a truck went through Pickerel Lake in Bayfield in northern Wisconsin. Due do ice and weather conditions the recovery had to wait until today. The truck ended up in about 40 feet of water on it’s side. The crews had to use airbags to aid in the recovery efforts, as the truck also sunk halfway in the muddy button. Luckily the driver was able to escape without injuries. The recovery team, along with the diving team had their work cutout for them. It was a long hard recovery for both of the teams. At the end of the day, the recovery was successful.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows the recovery equipment ready to do it’s job.
Clips 2-4. The crew cutting the ice.
Clip 5. A diver getting ready to head into the water.
Clip 6. The diver heading into the water to hook straps to the truck.
Clip 7. The crew helping to guild the airbags into the water for the diver to pull down to hook up to the truck.
Clip 8. A different diver heading into the water.
Clip 9. The crew starting to pull the airbags and truck up.
Clip 10. The airbags breaking the surface of the water.
Clips 11-12. The crew pulling the recovery equipment, with the airbags and truck to better ice.
Clip 13. Shows part of the truck near the bottom of the ice.
Clip 14. Shows the crew has got two tires out of the water.
Clips 15-17. The crew is pulling the truck up out of the water.
Clips 18- 20. The crew pulling the recovery equipment and truck to better ice.
Clip 21. Shows the truck out of the water.
Clip 22. The crew flipping the truck back on it’s four tires.
Clip 23. The truck being pulled towards the shoreline.

SID: Dirk Miller
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