Tornado Damage, Norman, Oklahoma – 2/26/2023

Video of tornado damage from a tornado that occurred on the evening of February 26, 2023. As the severe warned squall line worked through the city of Norman, Oklahoma, a QLCS tornado developed on the south side of town and just missed the southern end of the University of Oklahoma campus.
Shot Description

00:00-00:07 Video of rescue vehicles passing by with lights and sirens in Norman, Oklahoma.

00:07-00:15 Video of the Norman Fire Department pulling up and checking on homes that were hit by the tornado in Norman, Oklahoma.

00:15-00:23 Video of a home with roof damage following the Norman, Oklahoma tornado and debris outside the home.

00:23-00:30 Video of emergency personnel in a neighborhood hit by the tornado with residents out walking around the area.

00:30-00:37 Video of major damage to a fence in a neighborhood hit by the Norman tornado.

00:37-00:41 Video of roof damage to a home in Norman, Oklahoma.

00:41-00:49 Video of major damage to a Norman, Oklahoma, building that was hit by the Norman tornado. Water pipes were broken and were spraying water from the roof of the building.

00:49-01:04 Video of more damage to this building in Norman, Oklahoma. The video shows debris lying on the ground in front of the building, with parts of the wall missing on the second floor. The building’s fire alarm going off with sirens in the background.

01:04-01:19 More damage from around the building, with trees blown over and snapped in half in the parking lot with the fire alarm still going off in the background.

01:19-01:37 Additional video from around the area of Norman, Oklahoma, with tree damage, fire trucks driving around, and sirens going off in the background.

01:37-01:44 Video of street sign blown over and power lines knocked down from the tornado in Norman, Oklahoma.
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