Ice Storm – Freezing Rain, Maple Grove, MN – 2/27/2023

Freezing rain covers cars, roads and trees causing slippery, hazardous travel conditions for cars and people walking in the North Minneapolis metro area.
Shot Description

00:00 – 00:14 Ice covered tree with cars driving
00:14 – 00:23 Person walking and slipping on icy parking lot
00:23 – 00:38 Ice covered car and wipers in a Maple Grove parking lot
00:38 – 01:00 School bus slowly moving on ice covered road/ parking lot
01:00 – 01:08 Truck with plow driving on wet roads
01:08 – 01:14 Driving on wet Hwy-169 in Maple Grove area with sign says “Keep Safe Distance”
01:14 – 01:48 Icy roads in Champlin neighborhood by Mississippi river, woman walking dog, woman shoveling icy driveway, cars parked
01:48 – 02:04 Ice accumulation on pole and basketball hoop
02:04 – 02:22 Icy driveway, deep snow, almost buried mailboxes with ice accumulation
02:22 – 02:30 Traffic on wet roads in Maple Grove
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SID: Melanie Metz

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