Rice Lake Winter Storm Cleanup Blowing Snow – 2/23/2023

Heavy snow was still falling across the area this morning into the early afternoon hours. Winds were still causing blowing and drifting snow. Many back roads remain nearly impassable. Meanwhile in the city of Rice Lake storm cleanup is well under way.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2. Nearly impassable road with a side by side coming down the road. I had to pull over so he could go by.
Clips 3-4. Driving down the nearly impassable road.
Clips 5-7. Blowing snow.
Clip 8. Two people shoveling snow from a sidewalk.
Clips 12- 14. Snow removal from main street in Rice Lake WI.
Clip 15. Blowing snow.
Clip 16. Traffic on main street in Rice Lake, WI.

SID: Dirk Miller
#wiwx #winterstorm

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