Heavy snow blankets southeastern Wisconsin – 2/16/2023

As a winter storm works across the Midwest today, heavy snow began to blanket southeastern Wisconsin with 1-2 inch an hour snowfalls. Snowfall totals of around 4 inches are already being reported across south-central Wisconsin as of 2 PM LT. The following video was taken from around the Oconomowoc and Delafield, Wisconsin, area as the heavy snow began to collect.
Shot Description

00:00-00:08 Clip of a Delafield, Wisconsin ambulance leaving for a call with lights and sirens as heavy snow was falling. Snow was collecting on roadways, and cars were pulling over.

00:08-00:18 Video of a county plow truck driving by as heavy snow is falling in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and collecting on the roadways.

00:18-00:26 Video of cars traveling down a road in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, as heavy snow is falling and beginning to collect on the roadways.

00:26-00:35 Clip of heavy snow falling and with an American flag blowing in the strong winds in the background over Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

00:35-00:45 Video of very heavy snow falling and reduced visibility from the heavy snow as two cars are driving down the road. Visibility is very poor from the heavy snow.

00:45-00:53 Clip of heavy snow falling over Lake Fowler with the Zion Episcopal Church in the background in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

00:53-01:02 Video of a USPS postal vehicle driving in the heavy snow and reduced visibility.

01:02-01:10 Vehicles driving down the main drag in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, as heavy snow is beginning to fall.

01:10-01:25 Two clips driving down the roads of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, as snow is falling and the roads are becoming snow-covered.

01:25-01:33 Timelapse of snow falling and accumulating from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

SID: Charlie Bourdo
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