Tornado hits Tangipahoa Parish LA – 2/8/2023 #LAWX

#tornado hits storm chaser and other motorists on Interstate 55 as drivers try to flee from the falling debris. Aftermath footage from #Tangipahoa showing the town with extensive damage to buildings and homes.
Shot Description

Clip 1
00:00 – Watching the storm form looking down the interstate through a clearing as the dark clouds begin to lower.
00:28 – You can see the large dark mass of clouds fill the sky within seconds.
Clip 2
01:00 – Large lowering and rotation over Interstate 55. Shot from the side of the Interstate.
01:59 – They drive to get on the other side of the lowering to get out of danger when they get hit by the debris as other motorists are trying to do the same as the tornado passes over Interstate 55.
02:42 – Debris fell in the roadway just seconds before and I barely have time to avoid the debris as another tree top on the left falls down at the 2:47 mark in the video. I continue driving as tree debris keeps falling as the tornado is pretty much overhead until I come upon a vehicle that was turned the wrong way in the ditch that was just hit by the tornado.
03:37 – Further up the road as the tornado is about to hit Tangipahoa.
03:52 – Video from inside Tangipahoa as the buildings are falling apart from the extreme winds and large debris lands on a car.
04:03 – #Aftermath scenes from Tangipahoa of the extensive destruction to the town where multiple homes where damaged or destroyed. Video continues on until 5:41. Video shows #debris coving the entire area.

SID: Michael Gordon

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