Vivid Lightning and Severe Storm, Tiffin Ohio – 1/19/2023

Dramatic ‘Tower Lightning’ strike, high winds from severe storm in Tiffin, Ohio during rush hour.

All footage shot during evening daylight in/near Tiffin, Ohio on January 19, 2023 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

00:00 close lighting strike with loud thunder clap

00:16 dramatic ‘Tower Lightning’ strike and loud thunder

00:26 bright close lightning bolt and heavy rain

00:34 severe high winds shaking highway sign

00:46 severe high winds howling through wires with shaking sign

00:55 severe high winds blowing heavy rain across highway with traffic, lightning flash and loud thunder

01:05 severe high winds blowing heavy rain across highway with traffic

01:15 ominous shelf cloud from severe thunderstorm over Tiffin, Ohio

01:28 high winds blowing debris as severe thunderstorm moves over Tiffin, Ohio

01:43 heavy rain and high winds over highway traffic in Tiffin OH from severe thunderstorm

01:49 low ominous clouds from severe storms moving over fields and farms near Tiffin, OH

SID: Simon Brewer
#lightning #ohwx #severestorms #stormchasing

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