City Bus stuck in sinkhole Lancaster PA – 1/4/2023

Around 9:30 AM ET on January 4, 2023, a Lancaster City metro bus got stuck in a sinkhole at the corner of Duke St and Orange St in Lancaster, Pennsylvania following a water main break which led to the sinkhole forming. The bus was pulled out of the hole by around 11:15 AM.
Shot Description

00:00-00:03 Close up shot of the metro bus stuck in the sinkhole

00:03-00:18 Panning shots of the overall scene showing the fire department and Lancaster Public Works there with caution tape blocking off the area.

00:18-00:36 A close and wide shot of crews trying to free the bus from the sinkhole by breaking up the road in front of it.

00:36-01:26 Various close and medium shots of crews lifting the back of the bus out of the sinkhole and then slowly pushing plywood over the hole to free the bus from the sinkhole.

SID: Katie Lock

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