Massive Ice Encases Homes – Snow Storm – Hamburg New York

New York Blizzard brings Insane Accumulations of Ice from Lake Erie Crashing Waves smashing the shoreline and encasing covering homes and businesses

Shot Description

00:00 Hamburg, New York Tower coated in ice from Lake Erie
00:06 Hoak’s Restaurant in Hamburg coated in Massive Ice
00:45 Thick Ice covers homes along Lake Erie shoreline from Huge Waves
01:02 Tree along shoreline is now an amazing Ice Sculpture
01:09 Huge Cornice over hanging roof of home
01:18 Hamburg, NY Shoreline with homes in background covered in ice
01:30 Homes wrapped and glazed in crazy thick ice
02:46 Low flyover off the shoreline of Lake Erie covered in slush
02:56 Panning shot off homes with massive amounts of ice hanging from deck
03:06 Low flyby up next to homes sheeted in large amounts of heavy ice

SID: Michael Gordon
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