Barron County, WI Extreme Cold And Blowing Snow – 12/23/2022

Near ground like blizzard conditions slammed Barron County this afternoon. Winds were gusting up to around 30 to 35 MPH at times. This caused near to whiteout conditions. Many of the back roads were becoming half drifted shut at the time of this video. Wind chill values were running from 25 to near 40 below at times.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Blowing snow in Rice Lake, WI.
Clip 2. Dash cam footage of snow blowing off a roof.
Clip 3. Someone missed their turn in the near whiteout conditions.
Clips 4-6. Whiteout conditions about 6 or 7 miles northeast of Rice Lake, WI.
Clip 7. Dash cam footage of a half drifted shut road.
Clip 8. Shows how high the snow drifts are getting with blowing snow.
Clip 9. A different view of the half drifted shut road.
Clip 10. Blowing and drifting snow on the same road.
Clip 11. Dash cam footage of the half drifted shut road looking the other direction.
Clip 12. A snow plow plowing snow driving through the shot.
Clip 13. Blowing and drifting snow with a truck driving towards the camera.
Clip 14. Icicles with snow blowing off the roof.
Clip 15. Pancake ice starting to form at the dam in Rice Lake.
Clip 16. A closer shot of the newly formed pancake ice.
Clip 17. Dash cam footage of the blowing snow.

SID: Dirk Miller
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