Heavy snow covers central Wisconsin – 12/15/2022

The second wave of this long lasting winter storm moved through northwestern WI during the overnight hours. This wave brought periods of heavy wet snow to the area. This also caused more damage to trees throughout the area. Rice Lake, Wisconsin picked up a foot of snow from this wave.
Shot Description

Clips 1-4. Christmas decorations with snow falling.
Clip 5. Snow covered trucks.
Clip 6. A flag blowing in the wind with heavy snow falling.
Clip 7. Looking towards a gas station with snow falling, and one lonely vehicle driving through the shot.
Clips 8-9. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 10. Stoplights and a sign getting covered in snow.
Clips 11-12. Storm damage from the wet heavy snow.
Clips 13-16. Winter scenes.
Clip 17. Snow covered powerlines and tress.
Clip 18. A different shot of the snow covered powerlines.
Clip 19. A snow covered snowblower.

SID: Dirk Miller
#WIWX #Winterstorm #Heavysnow
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