Loveland Pass, Highway 6 & I 70 Closed – Silverthorne, Colorado – 12/2/2022

Winter Storm Warning with heavy snowfall closes Loveland Pass (Highway 6) requiring intermittent shutdowns for Hazard Materials (HM) Semi trucks getting special passage through Eisenhower tunnel. Shortly afterwards I-70 was also closed at Loveland and Vail passes effectively closing the Interstate Friday Afternoon.
Shot Description

1. I-70 west bound 1st sign of Loveland Pass Highway 6 closed
2. 2nd sign showing Highway 6 closure
3. Last sign before Highway 6 closure gate
4. Red Light on Interstate 70 while Hazardous semi loads are escorted through the Eisenhower tunnel
5. Traffic passing on East bound I-70 lanes
6. Traffic resumes West bound I-70
7. Emerging from the Eisenhower tunnel on West side of Loveland Pass
8. Snowy traffic on the sharp downhill into Dillon, CO
9. Near white out on off ramp into Dillon
10. Semi on shoulder in near whiteout
11. Slow semi in between heavy snows
12. Brake trouble on semi
13. Traffic on rural road in near white out
14. Traffic in Dillon
15. Traffic paused on I-70 West bound at Highway 6 exit
16. Snow blowing under Dillon 6/I-70 overpass
17. Car on snow packed road
18. Traffic in heavy snow
19. Snow plow on rural road
20. Trees in heavy snow
21. White River National Forest sign
22. Sapphire Point overlook sign snowed out view

SID: Terrence Cook
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