Winter Storm, Barron County, Wisconsin – 11/29/2022

The first big winter storm hits northwestern Wisconsin. The snow has been causing problems on the roads despite the efforts of the city and county plows.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A van loosing control at a intersection, and almost hitting another vehicle in the city of Rice Lake.
Clip 2. A truck fishtailing through an intersection in Rice Lake.
Clip 3. Snow covered car with heavy snow falling.
Clip 4. Snow covered pine trees out in Barron County.
Clip 5. Snow blowing off a roof.
Clip 6. Stop lights getting covered in snow.
Clip 7. City of Rice Lake street department plowing main street.
Clip 8. Someone using a leaf blower to clear the snow from the sidewalk.
Clips 9-10. Snow plowing being done in different parking lots.
Clips 11-13. Barron County HWY department plowing the roads near the city of Rice Lake.
Clip 14. Vehicle tires kicking up snow/slush.

SID: Dirk Miller

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